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Reflecting a remarkably creative independent spirit, the fifteen tracks on Stefan's new album, A Winter Romance, deliver a colorful palette of musical influences, where styles from distant continents and cultures are united by the common thread of his melodic ability. 

Sometimes nostalgic and always beautiful, the tracks are as diverse as his own experience, ranging from the deliciously sensual Middle-Eastern flavored Streets of Marrakech to the electronica-inspired Classical Lounge, Afro-Cuban Rumba Gitana, and the subtle samba groove of Giving Back. 

Amongst the array of tracks that variously incorporate winds, keyboard, strings and percussion to complement Stefan's playing are the true gems, Capricho, Without Words, and Improvisación, where Stefan plays alone.  Unaided by any sonic support, it is here where he shows himself as an inspired master of melody, providing a multicultural musical experience formed by his gift for acoustic lyricism.

                        ~Alicia M. Doyle - Musicologist - California State University, Long Beach

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