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Stefan on Spotify Editorial Playlist:

Acoustic Guitar Performer, Composer, Producer, Teacher

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El Camino Real (Remix) Release Date: 5/28/24

Rumba Nueva EP: Release Date 4/16/24

Levantate (Rumba): Release Date 2/27/24

Malagueña (Remix): Release Date 12/26/2023

Joy to the World Release Date: 11/17/2023

Bella (Rumba) Release Date: 9/28/2023

La Cucaracha Release Date: 8/31/2023

La Bamba Release Date 7/19/2023

Hermosa (Rumba) Release Date: 6/6/2023

Guitarra Mexicana Vol. 3 Release Date: 4/26/2023

New Release: 2/9/2023
Spanish Romance (Romanza)

Early Light EP. Release Date: 3/23/2023

Sierra Magica (Rumba Flamenca)

Sunday Morning


Nuevos Caminos

Cactus Spirit
February 7, 2022

New Reviews

Las Golondrinas

Not often (have I ever?) review the same artist twice in a row but Stefan, aka American guitarist you will listen to from now on on a regular, is certainly worthy an exception.


"Las Golondrinas" is yet another marvelous exhibit of the musician's playing skills delivered in a piece that is soaked in rich chord progressions and an even more so impressive melodic effort. It is almost unfair that we get to listen to this free of charge.




Danza Mora

Outrageously magnificent, musically filthy rich and piercing down to the bone are some of the words that come to me listening to "Danza Mora" by Stefan - an acknowledged American guitarist.


Written for guitar and reeking of flamenco and Spanish guitar the piece takes of on an arpeggio soon to be enhanced by a mystifying, hypnotizing melody. Smoothly transitioning to a second, fast-paced movement the guitarist exhibits highest playing skills on an instrument that is so very demanding when it comes to quality performance, which this here undoubtedly is.


An absolute stunner:,

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