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Below are some screenshots of the iBooks available for iPads and iPhones

example page from iBook

Guitar Improvisation

Here's the iPad iPhone version of my Guitar Improvisation Book. Six complete Improvisations Lessons.  Every Improvisation includes the sheet music, the scales with videos, and the mp3 Backing Tracks and 10 minute Backing Tracks. I know you are gonna love this learning tool. 

The Improvisations that are included in this book:

  • Simple Spanish Improvisation

  • Rumba Melodic Improvisation

  • E Major Latin Improvisation

  • House of the Rising Sun

  • 12 Bar Blues in G

  • D Minor Latin Improvisation

Here's what a customer said about this book:

"I am having such a great time with your book and improvisations. It is opening new doors for me and

will vastly improve my skills and how I play the guitar and create songs from now on. Thank you Stefan."

Abraham, January 5, 2013

8 Songs for Solo Guitar

If you are ready for some new music for solo guitar then this book is for you. Eight (8) compositions for Solo Guitar that range from easy to advanced. In addition to the notation and tablature files of each song this mutli-media also includes the Performance Video of each song and lessons on Natural Harmonics, Slides, pull offs & hammer ons.


Raeding Music For Guitar Volume 1

Includes Video for each lesson. This book covers all 6 strings in first position. It also covers basic rhythms, seating position, time signatures & more. You do not need to read music to be a great guitar player. There are plenty of examples of guitar players that do not read music. That is absolutely correct but:

  • Reading Music will make you a more complete musician.

  • Reading Music will open the world of Music Theory to you.

  • Reading Music will let you play styles of music that are not easily available on tablature.

Reading Music for Guitar Volume 2

This book is full of videos and audios helping you understand key signatures, rhythms, chords and so much more. 

I know you are gonna love this learning tool with chapters such as: Accidentals, Eight and Quarter Note Rests, Reading 2-4 Part Music, The Free Stroke, Reading Chord Diagrams, Basic Major and Minor Chords, Reference Sheet, Key Signatures, Scarborough Fair, Time Signatures & more Rhythms, Open Seventh Chords, Study in A Minor (D. Aguado), Music Theory-Major Scales, Slurs-Hammer Ons & Pull Offs, Slur Exercises, Natural Harmonics, House of the Rising Sun Improv, Blues in E. a Finger Style Blues & Credits and Discography

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