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LA GUITARA MEXICANA is an Art Project which Includes:
  • The Visual Art by Jaime Arias and Juan Galceran. 

  • The Music (Traditional and New Compositions) by Guitarist Stefan Schyga.

  • The History of the Guitar in Mexico by Rosario Casillas.

  • The Art of Guitar Making (Video/Examples) by Francisco Navarro from Paracho/Michoacan.

  • The History of Mexican Traditional Music by Alicia Doyle, Musicologist, University of Longbeach, CA.

  • Public Relations: Barbara Antebi, San Francisco


This project will be available to Museums

and Universities.

It will feature the Art, History &

Live Performance of the Music.

For more information:

Artwork by Jaime Arias

Thank you for your support:

Arturo Casillas &   

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